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Are you looking for the best way to get connected with the most up-to-date and effective resources in language education? ACTFLearn Central, ACTFL's hub for best-in-class professional development is your key to finding what you need, when you need it.

The ACTFLearn Central platform provides an engaging and accessible way for individuals, schools, and districts to access a robust set of digital courses that cover important topics in language teaching, such as the World-Readiness Standards for Language Learning, technology, curriculum development, and more.

Members have exclusive access to specific digital courses, recorded webinars, and other unique resources to help educators advance in their careers. ACTFL will continue to develop and provide updated opportunities through the platform. Members can access ACTFLearn Central via their ACTFL Portal.

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Overview of ACTFLearn Central

ACTFLearn Central provides a variety of on-demand digital courses available in the ACTFL Store for purchase.

  • Explore a wide range of essential language teaching and learning topics that can support you in expanding your skills
  • Complete the courses at your pace and on your schedule
  • Choose courses that vary in length and content
  • Access available for six months after purchase
  • Earn credit hours and a certificate upon completion

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ACTFL also offers a variety of publications, training, and certification programs designed to meet the needs of world language educators, researchers, and administrators. All ACTFL-Certified Testers and Raters are specialized language professionals who have completed rigorous certification processes and have met all ACTFL-determined criteria. ACTFL- Certified Testers and Raters represent a critical resource to their academic institutions and to the world language profession. ACTFL Tester and Rater Certifications are highly valued professional credentials that are recognized internationally.

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Assisting Heritage Language Learners Using Existing Resources (Free to Members)

This online course is presented by Dr. Celia Chomón Zamora, ACTFL Director of Professional Learning and Certification, and serves as a brief overview of what current research exists with regards to Heritage Language Learners (HLL) in the World Language classroom. The course focuses on how to use differentiated and guided instruction in order to facilitate learning in classrooms consisting of heritage speakers and those with mixed proficiency levels.

Certificate of Completion Available for 1 Contact Hour

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Core Practices for Effective Language Learning (Member Discount Available)

How much time should I spend in the target language? What kind of feedback is most effective? How can I use more authentic resources with my students? This series allows you to gain practical knowledge for designing real-world tasks for your classroom and curriculum. Deconstruct research-based strategies for effectively developing your students’ language proficiency with Dr. Eileen Glisan.

Certificate of Completion Available for 2 Contact Hours

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Culturally Responsive Education in the World Language Classroom (Member Discount Available)

In this online course, the presenter will introduce participants to frameworks of culturally responsive education and how they connect with world language education. Rather than a checklist of behaviors or knowledge, this workshop is designed around the belief that critical reflection is a key component of culturally responsive teaching. As such, opportunities for critical reflection will be embedded throughout the course, and participants are encouraged to thoughtfully engage in each opportunity as it arises.

Certificate of Completion Available for 2 Contact Hours

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Neurodiversity: An Overview for World Language Educators

This course focuses on neurodiversity in the world language classroom. It challenges the idea that one learning style fits all and emphasizes embracing each student's unique strengths. The course aims to:

  • Dismantle the myth that learning differences prevent language acquisition.
  • Empower educators to celebrate neurodiversity and create a more inclusive learning environment.
  • Equip teachers with research and resources to support all learners.

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